To incrementally re-design the existing light boxes for traveling animation students and professionals.


Bandhoo is a product design experiment with generative art, 3D printing and re-use-up-cycle service of electronic parts to achieve a D-I-Y curated wireless travel speaker. Using PLA (Polylactic Acid) as the material for main shell component and with a back panel of maple wood, Bandhoo tries to infuse wood and plastic within classic forms. The…… Continue reading Bandhoo

Fiama Shower Gel Packaging

This design project was an attempt to incrementally change the Fiama Di Wills Shower Gel packaging design, so as to dispense a strict amount of gel in every use. The target consumer was women in the age group of 18-35 among the M/H-I-G user segment.


Safe Disposal Packaging for Sanitary Napkins