Co-Create for Circular Economy : A Co-Design Workshop

Participatory design engages multiple creativity experts to engage into a common discussion of ideation and design. The constraints of one mind often gets dodged with multiple perspectives put together.

The following workshop was conceptualized to aware designers on circular economy and together experiment ideation and ideation techniques on a live system project. This co-creating workshop was designed to facilitate multiple minds to creatively engage on one single platform to identify opportunities and ideate on concepts, solutions and simultaneously anticipate possible impacts of the ideated concepts.

This was a two day workshop carried out at NID will multi-disciplinary pool of designers to collaboratively understand the horizons of circular economy. The workshop focused on exploring opportunities within a given framework to co-ideate concepts focused on cultivating well-being and social sustainability through circular economic principles on the given case study of the flood-prone communities of Assam.

Workshop framework

The schematic and framework of the co-creation workshop on circular economy

Workshop Tasks


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