CGSS Customer Portal

Design for Digital Adaptation

This project is a part of the Collaborative Grain Storage Service System. The portal intends to help service customers to adapt to smartphones, make easy transactions and also be supported by human interactions for adequate trust building

  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas2
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas3
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas4
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas5
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas6
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas7
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas9
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas10
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas11
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas12
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas13
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas16
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas18
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas20
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas22
  • CEIP_Project_Documentation_BhaskarjyotiDas23

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