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Bandhoo is a product design experiment with generative art, 3D printing and re-use-up-cycle service of electronic parts to achieve a D-I-Y curated wireless travel speaker.

Using PLA (Polylactic Acid) as the material for main shell component and with a back panel of maple wood, Bandhoo tries to infuse wood and plastic within classic forms.

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The thought behind the project was to experiment with generative lattice design to create designs that can be easily 3D-printed and can be assembled with readily available components. However, the tricky part was to find forms that require minimum thickness and yet contributes to the robustness of the product. Several iterations with the design and its material printing capability led to simple forms whose surfaces can be thickened using lattice meshes. 3D printing of forms with exposed lattices was found to be less material intensive, using lesser number of support systems for printing, as well as reducing the overall material thickness required by solid alternatives.


Bandhoo has been crafted to engage users towards D-I-Y exercises. Instigating a behaviour of reuse and repair to common masses through its design, Bandhoo attempts to create a #circulareconomy enabled product that is easy to manufacture, use, repair and recycle. While the use of single plastic reduces cost of recycling and ease of manufacturing, the design and assembly can be replicated at no-extra-cost using simple instruct-ables.

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