Design Musings

Being Holistic in doing Service Design

“…we have seen design grow from a trade activity… to a field for technical research and now… as new liberal art of technological culture” — Richard Buchanan Digital Transformations and Service Design Design work no longer involves working only with creative artefacts. Service designers have been surpassing the realm of product design and communication design to proactively involve themselves in strategic planning either to solve existing problems in the organization or create new avenues for business growth. With depleting global reserves, increasing awareness of sustainability and circular economy, and increasing accessibility to advanced digital capabilities, servitization of business has…

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10-Q-2-D-i : Evaluating a concept through the 10 Questions to Design ideation

Design processes have evolved over the time and every design initiative formulates their own design processes which they have mastered in. As a design student, it’s often tough and riskier equation to compare the processes and evolve accordingly in time. Although the beauty of a creativity process seemingly lay in the evolution journey, an organized methodology helps in evaluating a journey and return back to milestones if and when needed. It has often been experienced, spoken of and written that a design idea has to be assessed from multiple horizons so as to understand the overall impact of the idea and…

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Design for tomorrow is not about mere problem solving but cultivating a better co-living ecosystem

Design has always been considered as a showcase of a plausible tomorrow that is aesthetically beautiful and meaningful to human lives. With the exponential growth of wicked problems in the world like climate change, design has to now move away from mere problem solving and re-design to something more inclusive – cultivating a tomorrow that is holistically more meaningful to everyone living in this ecosystem. With countries trying to upgrade their GDP as usual and create more businesses and avenues for employment for its ever growing population, there is a heavy growth of required infrastructure as well as unaccounted consumption.…

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